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Sprung base trolleys

This ergonomic designed, light-weight container is equipped with a sprung base. So, you do not have to bend down and guarantees a healthy and responsible work posture. The goods remain at the same level due to the sprung base that can carry at least 70KG.


  • Plastic protection edges
  • Available in 4 different wheel positions


Type number Internal dimensions External dimensions Spring capacity Wheels
VC202/5 1470x900x560 mm 1500x930x860 mm 70 KG 160 mm
VC202/10 1400x700x560 mm 1430x730x800 mm 65 KG 125 mm
VC202/30 1250x650x560 mm 1280x680x800 mm 55 KG 125 mm
VC202/50 1000x600x560 mm 1030x630x800 mm 45 KG 125 mm
VC202/60 920x600x560 mm 950x630x800 mm 30 KG 125 mm
VC202/70 1040x400x560 mm 1070x430x800 mm 30 KG 125 mm
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