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Laundry container type “STER”

The laundry containers are made from a 20×20 mm square tube and assembled with bolt-but connections. This whole unit ensures for a very stable construction that guarantees a long lifespan. The container can be transported almost without any noise. The containers are available with or without the patented guide system of VTS B.V. so the top shelf can be both moved to the front as to the back.
Available in various standard dimension and can be equipped with various options. Standard available with high-quality wheels. 2 fixed castors, 2 castors, diameter 125 mm, grey rubber equipped with ball bearing and threaded cap.

The containers have a high-quality finish. They are galvanised and also equipped with an extra top coating so they are corrosion proof.

We can produce the container in accordance with your desired specification.
Standard available in the following versions:

Art.-No.External dimensionsVersion
VR116-100-OOG680x500x1680 mmWith guide system
VR119-100-OOG820x620x1680 mmWith guide system
VR118-100-OOG820x620x1780 mmWithout guide system
VR117-100-OOG830x600x1790 mmWith guide system
VR000-500-OOG860x660x1800 mmWith guide system
VR000-501-OOG860x660x1700 mmWith guide system
VR000-600-OOG860x660x1700 mmWithout guide system
VR000-650-OOG860x660x1800 mmWithout guide system