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Laundry collector in Stainless Steel version (type SHUT)

The SHUT has a special closure system by means of a simple pedal. This reduces bacterial contamination. Available in two standard versions for 70 litres and 40 litres bags. The SHUT is equipped with 4 castors and the front 2 wheels are equipped with a brake.

Art.no. Dimensions Content
VCSHUT40 600x500x990 mm 40 litres
VCSHUT70 600x500x830 mm 70 litres

It is also possible to connect 2 SHUT laundry collectors together. This is the SHUT2.


Options available for all SHUT types:

Pedal connection system between a laundry collector and was AXLBC SHUT.



Module connection between a AXLBC laundy collector and SHUT.






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