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Fixed castors

When you as company are going to purchase new transport systems such as serving trolleys or linen trolleys it is important that these new transport systems also have the right combination of wheels. At VTS all containers are supplied with suitable fixed castors and castors; together they make a really good combination.

What are fixed castors?
Transport systems can have various types of wheels. The castors ensure that you can steer well and that you can take bends. In contrast, fixed castors are solid wheels that are not manoeuvrable and provide sturdiness. Therefore, the combination of fixed castors with castors is so popular.

About our transport systems
We at VTS B.V are specialists in the development of transport systems. We produce these transport systems in our own production facility with the help of the latest and most modern techniques. So, we are not just the right address for fixed castors and other types of wheels, you can also rely on us for the production of the following transport systems (including wheels):

Laundry/waste collectors
Box sorting trolleys
Linen trolleys
Sterile transport
Sprung base trolleys
Serving trolleys

Contact us
If you are looking for fixed castors, then select high quality and select the fixed castors of VTS. We offer various types of wheels so you will always find a pair of wheels that match your transport system. Would you like to contact us? Please fill in the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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+31 – (0) 546 – 570573 info@vtsbv.com