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A laundry container from VTS B.V.

A laundry container from VTS B.V.
VTS B.V. is specialised in transport systems and especially in transport systems for laundries. So, you are at the right address if you are looking for a laundry container for the laundry in your hotel, inn or hostel.

About VTS B.V. laundry containers
With its own production facility and model and tool shop VTS is specialised in the development of laundry containers. Here we develop various laundry containers and laundry/waste collectors with the help of the latest and most modern techniques. Besides the production of standard serving trolleys and laundry roll containers, our expert people can also develop various customised transport systems.

Our laundry containers
VTS B.V. has various types of laundry containers available, such as:

Laundry container Type VR116-10-00G,
Laundry container Type Ster,
Laundry container Type Basic,
Laundry container Type Compact,
Laundry container Type Compact Maxi and
Laundry container Type VTS Box.

We also have different laundry collectors which are displayed here.

Contact us
If you are looking for a laundry container for your hotel, hostel or inn> Then select a high quality laundry container and select VTS. Would you like to contact us? Please fill in the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss the possibilities with you.

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+31 – (0) 546 – 570573 info@vtsbv.com